St. Paul Congregational
United  Church  of  Christ                  
501 High Avenue East      Oskaloosa, Iowa          (641) 673-7206

No matter who you are

or where you are in life's journey,  you are welcome here.  

We are an open and affirming congregation.










race, or sexual orientation





  Welcome to the
  St. Paul Congregational
  United Church of Christ
    We are delighted to have you visiting our
    website.  St. Paul is an open and affirming 

    congregation.  All are welcome in this

     faith community, regardless of age,

     economic or marital status, faith background,

     gender identity and expression, physical or

     mental ability, race,  or sexual orientation.  

     As Jesus  did, we invite everyone to

     participate fully in the life, leadership, 

     fellowship, worship, sacraments,

     responsibilities, challenges and blessings

     of our congregation.


Our church is a part of a blend of four major Protestant denominations  that united together
in 1957 to form the United Church of Christ.  We claim the early Pilgrim and Puritan
settlers of this country as part of our heritage, and embrace the thought of Pastor John
Robinson who in his farewell remarks to the Pilgrims as they were leaving for
the "new world" said, "There is still more light and truth to break forth from God's holy word."  

Pastor:  Rev. Elizabeth Colton Worship  Services      Sunday  10:00 am